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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Live Life to the Fullest

Oh can't tell how tired my eyes today! Way too tired. I facing my lappie non stop from 11 till now. I rest just for lunch and bath. Lack of drink and pee of course. lol

Anyway, time flew really fast today. You know, I thought I was having my lunch at two! But geez, it's around 3.30 or maybe 4! Then after lunch, I back and stick with my Vesca, when I saw the clock, I surprised, that it almost 6 p.m!! Geez!! I usually check the time on my laptop, but for some reason, I changed my laptop's time to NY's time zone, can't tell you why, go figure out yourself :p and now, it still 10 a.m. , 25th February 2011. HAHA! Silly me! but don't worry, I'll change it back to Indo's time zone, after this unfinished business finished! LOL.

Pheww, you know, this morning my mum called me, and she suggesting me to find a JOB.

J-O-B yeah.

Now, that I already graduated and jobless, I feel like study again. Now I know why many of my friends, who already studying that hard then graduated then decided to continue to get their master degree. As what I wrote on my twitter this morning, yeah, now I feel for ya! I feel like going to school again. Going to a design school will be great, what do you think? Oh I'm dreaming of Raffles Design Institute! But I know, I won't make it real, not now. I need to get a job first, then starting to do saving for my future which I doubt I'm gonna make it-well the saving thingy, not the job!-because I'm going to find one!

Well, you know me and how I am so addict with gadgets! Even now, I still jobless, I already plan something good and wise /read:unwise/ how to spend my salary, later on. Okay, forget this line! Err.. or you wanna know what's my plan? All right! Because you insisted, and I'm so in a mood to be talkative, here you go..

  • No matter what, I'm gonna get white iPhone 5 on June/July, depends on when Apple's gonna launch it. I have the money now, I've been filling up my "celengan ayam" for a year, well, what took so long? You know, I can't avoid the year end sale temptation! :p
  • As soon as I get a job, I can start to do another saving for another gadgets! /Oh, Jesus!/ Somebody, please slap me!! Wake me up from this nightmare!! Well, yeah, planning on buying iPad 2 for my dearie on his birthday on August. I'm gonna make it.
  • Then get one for myself too! LOL. *looking at my bed, my 3GS, Blackberry, iPod Touch...* Okay, I will cancel this one! Fiuhh!!
  • You know how I want a digital camera so badly, right? I want DSLR tho, but because it's way too pricey and I don't think I will use all the features, so I guess, maybe later... then I saw this LUMIX GF1, my friend owned it, and I felt for it as soon as I saw the pics that he took using this small and cute camera. So, I made up my mind, I said, maybe I don't need DSLR, but I need camera, and LUMIX GF1 will do, then I googled for the price. MAN!! I can get a DSLR with that price! :'( So, forget it, again, for now...  T.T
  • Couple days ago, I saw cute shoes and heels, okay okay, I'll stop now. Can't do this anymore! -.-"

I'm pretty sure one day these gadgets will eat me up!!

Well, that's it. Now, I'm regretting why I listed again my wishlist here. I made a promised to myself for not making any wishlist-well, I still have it in mind tho-but at least do not write it down, but you know me. You know how my bad behavior in keeping my own promises that made by me and for me, right? Oh, Thanked God I still can keep my promises that I made with the others, thanked God my bad behavior doesn't show up its ugly face when it comes to dealing with others.

Oh Gosh!! I'm so bored that I couldn't sleep and do anything except wasting my time for browsing, designing, downloading and customizing! or yeah, playing wii and watch DVDs for drama series and finishing LOST series-stuck on season 3 for over a year! lol- :p Another bad behavior of me, I just hard to find a perfect time to watch DVDs! Seriously. I ate up all movies-Hollywood movies, FYI!-in the cinema, yeah, I have time for that! That's my only entertainment! I don't go to clubs and pubs, but I do love spending my night watching movie marathon on Saturday night from regular show to midnight show. So does my boy. Sadly we can't do that anymore, because of the damn taxation issues and our stupid government's decision, Hollywood's boycott their movies for us! So long Hollywood movies!

I also couldn't make any movie reviews anymore, because I haven't watch it. Maybe I should starting to make a movie review based on the information that I get from the internet, not based on my experience. But this seems not right, because it will makes me want to watch it even more. And I don't think I'm going to watch it on pirated DVDs! Don't you dare to ask me why not buying Blu-Ray! Not going to waste money for that! Well, I'm kind a full of curiosity person. It's the answer when you asked me, why I could watch those Hyun Joong's korean drama. I didn't say that I don't have time for watching DVDs, I just HARD to find a Perfect time. Because of my curiosity is in very high level, so when it comes to DVD series, I will spent the whole day watching it continuously, and start to forgetting everything. That's when you find my lack updates on twitter, and I was like disappear from all social media sites! That's it.

Anyway, I know this situation won't last long, but still as for now, NO MORE HOLLYWOOD MOVIES TO WATCH ON THE CINEMA! Sucks to the max!! Okay, I should stop whining, and do something better, reduce and hold my curiosity and arrange my time, so I could watch DVDs in a day, then blogging, browsing and it will make my day and my mood! :) Hail to pirated DVDs!! You better give us the best quality of pics! or I will shut it down not even half way! *can't watch bad quality movies, but not willing to buy Blu-Ray! LOL!! That's why I need cinema.. hiks*

Well, this doesn't mean that I don't watch Hollywood's movie on DVDs, I did. I watched DVDs for Hollywood's that doesn't screening in our cinemas. But it's all the same as I watch series DVDs. I bought like 5 DVDs and watch it right away, non-stop. HAHA! Am so crazy, right? Well, that's me! When I like to do something, I will do it again and again until I satisfied or else bored, then I'll stop doing that for quite some time, then the cycle repeats.

I guess I had enough for today. I already talked so much! lol.. From A to Z! So, what's your story today? This is how my thread will be like in couple days ahead, will mix up everything to write on. Pretty boring, eh? Well, you know, I'm so in a mood for blogging, but unfortunately, my days won't be as good as my mood for blogging. It's just an ordinary day, nothing is special, so yeah, if you insist, I have to keep this blog alive, well then I should say, welcome to my life! /read:boring life/ :p

Well, this thread is already that long, but I feel it isn't complete if I don't put any pics, so, read slowly and enjoy the pics!! :)

I'm out~

A fine quotation is a diamond on the finger of a witty person, but a pebble in the hands of a fool. ---Author Unknown

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