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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Girl's Date Part I

It's 9th of August already. Second week in August is nearly gone. Sometimes I forget how time could moving this fast. Anyway, last week was superb. Lot's of meet up(s) and it's all full with delicious food. At the moment, I'm avoiding the scales! LOL! but, hello, that doesn't change the fact that I've gained few kgs ever since I back to Jakarta! This is bad. Pheww!! Gonna get rid of it soon, I promise, and I'll keep this one for sure! :) Actually, this thread should be posted couple days ago, but, I'm not finish resizing all of the photos for this post, so I need to postponed it.

As I finished now, here they are :)

It was 4th August, I met one of my besties that has just came back from Sydney, Steffi. We met at GI. After our toured to Zara, which offer up to 90% off started on that day-we are so lucky or unlucky because we could burn another hole on our pocket again-till the end of the month and I ended up buying nothing for myself but bought some shirts and neckties for my dearie, we headed to PI to have Sushi Tei for our lunch. But the weather wasn't cooperative with us. It rained heavily with a very strong wind, so we couldn't make it to PI-it's the other mall which stands next to GI but there's no connecting bridge, from one to another, so we have to cross the road from outside the mall building-finally, we ended up eating at Waraku. The sushi was okay. Sushi Tei's unbeatable for sure! But hey! The food we ordered were presented nicely and beautiful. As the dishes came to our table, we're not hungry anymore! We're busy captured the foodies! That's us! First thing first! Photographed the food is rule number one and it's a must! :D


Sushi Rolls with salmon and avocado

Deep Fried Mashed Potato stuffed with Mozzarella Cheese

Chicken Teriyaki with Mushrooms

Well, after had our lunch and chit chat, around 4 p.m-oh yes, we stayed there for 2 hours, more or less, LOL-and thanked God, the rain has stopped, so we headed to PI right away to checked out Zara-again!-in the other mall, which has a bigger store than the one at GI. I found another cute necktie for dearie, so I bought it. I already gave him everything before I had a chance to take the pics of them, so yeah, just imagine them. :p

As soon as we finished our shopping we visited La Moda to buy its macaron but then changed our mind, and went to Bakerzin instead to had our evening tea-time and of course, macaron time!! :D

from up to bottom: Opera, Strawberry, Rose Water, Blueberry, Salted Caramel.

Unfortunately, today's salted caramel flavor was disappointment! I guess they overcooked the caramel, like they burnt it or something and it tasted bitter! Yikes! Others were delicious though! :D

Our journey that day ended with our camwhoring pics in the bathroom and a-must-visit-for-next-time beautiful restaurant with Paris theme. I can't wait to visit it! Not because of the food, but I can't wait to take some/read:lots/photos in there.

Anyway, as you can see in the title, it is "Part I" which means, there will be "Part II". I don't know when we're going to meet up again, very soon I guess, we've planed it. So, till we meet again, cupcakes! :D

There are so many things that we wish we had done yesterday, so few that we feel like doing today. ---Mignon McLaughlin.

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