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Monday, September 12, 2011

More on Pottermore

I hope you don't get sick with my updates about Pottermore again and again and again :p Anyway, I am so excited and feel so lucky to be able to explore Pottermore site as a beta user. Even there are few bugs and errors, I still very grateful to have a chance to enjoy it. I might be saying this like hundred times that the site is awesome, brilliant, great etc etc, it's simply because I really really mean it. Seriously. I'm out of words to describe how's great the site is. Currently, we can only access the book one, which is Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. I finished read the story, and additional stories and information that J.K.Rowling added in well, let's say, 6 to 7 hours. Even you have finished read the book, the story, there are still many things to do there, like practicing spells, making potions etc etc. Two days ago, I explored the site with my dearie's laptop, I guess, his adobe flash or something on his laptop is need to be updated. Because after what I've experienced today with my lappie, it was way more awesome than before, as I keep all stuffs and applications on my lapptop updated to the newer version, or, maybe they made some tweaks within these two days, which is GUH-REAT!! :D

The site is addictive. I warned you. But if you a trully potter fan, you'll love the site to the bones. It's so hard to find some time to resting your eyes after seeing the screen for hours! Seriously, its like magnet. You can't leave it, there are too much good stuffs in there waiting for you to explore. Psssttt... let me tell you this, it's almost 9 pm, right now, and I've just finished my breakie, lunch and dinner at the same time an hour ago. I simply forgetting everything, eat, bath, even pee! :p I also find it's so hard to leave the site even for a minute! I don't know, if I am be able to blog about this awesomeness or not, if my internet is not dead. Hell yeah, my internet is dead from 6 p.m until couple minutes ago. Currently I'm stay online with internet tethering from my iPhone, which is good and bad at the same time :p Good because at least I can stop for a while and blog about it and do something else, bad because I need my heroin ASAP! :p

Not much I can say after this. I can't find any words or better way to describe it, so, I took some screenshot while I was exploring the site this morning, I'll share them to you. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? So, enjoy! :D

Open your bank account at Gringgots and then you'll be ready to explore Diagon Alley! :D

You'll get your first 500 Galleons here, seems much, but it won't be enough if you don't spend it wisely, because there are lots of things to buy and really catch our attention :D

Here's my first stop in Diagon Alley, Flourish and Blotts :)

Unfortunately, Knockturn Alley can't be access at the moment.

Olivanders! Oh yeah, are you thinking what am I thinking? Yess! Magic wand! What's more exciting than this one? :DDD

Tradaaaaaaaaaa.... Here's my wand. Vine and Phoenix Feather Core, 11¾ inches, Quite Flexible :)

Okay, I guess this is enough... or you want more spoilers? :p Well later then, okay? As the internet is back now, I'm going to dig in more and more to Pottermore.

Till we meet again :)

Love endured, but trust had been broken between her parents, and Minerva, a clever and observant child, saw this with sadness.... Minerva never forgot how much her mother cried, when the letter of admittance into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry arrived on Minerva’s eleventh birthday; she knew that Isobel was sobbing, not only out of pride, but also out of envy.

P.S. That's my favorite lines from Professor Minerva McGonagall's Childhood story, new from J.K.Rowling.

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  • Anonymous

    1/3/14, 10:57 AM

    Hi, I just recently started playing. I reallly reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally would love to get a vine wand with phoenix feathers. That is LITERALLY my dream wand, because I'm a big fan of Hermione and I reallly wanted to get a wand similar to hers but not quite. I searched all over the web for it, but I couldn't find how to get it. If it is okay with you, can you share how you got the vine wand? I understand if you don't want to. In fact, you have to let the wand choose you, not you choosing the wand...:)

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