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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Sorry, I didn't come back yesterday as promised. I came home early, yesterday, around 8 pm or something, can't really remember, but it's not late for sure. We went to Ambassador mall, ate noodle as my dinner then went to window shopping then headed to carrefour. I bought some fruits, soap and daily stuffs there. Not many, but enough to make me broke to the bones. I have to seriously started to control my expenses as for now, I am no longer get money from my parents, so I literally living on my own, well, yeah, they still pay my room-rent here, but I'll take care the rest.

Anyway, I'm sick, literally sick. Sick in body and mind, head and heart, inside and outside. Terribly and seriously ill and sick. I don't know how to put this into proper words that doesn't sound pathetic, but that's the truth. That's the reason why I didn't come back here yesterday, but I was not sleeping and get some rest either :p So, what the hell am I doing in my weak condition? I was worrying you, er no, there's a bloody lizard on my room. GEEZ!! I knocked my friend's room to help me to get rid this small nasty and disgusting creature out of my room, but I was out of luck. She was wearing earphone and heard the music with max volume. MANNNNN!! I thought she's already felt asleep, but I still can heard noise comes out of her room so I texted her. By the time I've got a chance to talk to her about this tiny lizard, she laughed at me so hard before she's agreed to help me, but it's nowhere to be found anymore. SIGH.

It's kinda late, by the time we finished searching in vain, and I was damn sleepy, so I decided to go to sleep in worry. Sleeping in worry doesn't bring any good at all. I slept at 1 something, then wake at 2.30 am or so and I stayed awake till morning. Now I've got influenza, headache, heartache-errr, oopps.. typo and not typo ;p-panda eyes, sore throat and cough is on its way coming. Everybody tell me to take some meds or at least vitamins, but I hate medicines, drugs, anything similar stuffs, you name it! So, I just need to lay down and take some rest hopefully I will be recovered. Not in the near future for sure... But hey, let's hope... After all, you are my only drug and I am addicted to you :p ---ignore this line! LOL---

Still wanna share many things and story, but let's be selfish for a while, good or bad, happy or sad moments, I'll keep them for myself, at the moment. I don't feel like sharing them with you guys, not this time, sorry. But if you, you and you wish to know more, you still can ask me personally and I'd love to explain :p

I'm out~

Nobody has ever measured, even poets, how much a heart can hold. ---Zelda Fitzgerald

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