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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Tuesday

Blogging with computer or lappie other than my Vesca seems not right to me. Bcoz I feel like there's a limitation on people's computer. I couldn't add any images that I want and I just don't like to create new post and typing using Firefox. But what to say, they don't have Safari here :( . Anyway, what do you think about my song on the blog? Like it? Well, I know it's almost Christmas, so I need to put Christmas songs, as always, but I definitely love this song, so maybe I'll keep it for a little longer. :D

Hmm.. yesterday I've just finished watching all series of "Playful Kiss" There are 3 version, first one was its original version, second, Youtube Special version and the third was Seung Jo's Diary. By any chance, the producer/director see this blog post, well, I hope you're starting to make season two ;p Bcoz I LOVE it!! :D and I know lots of people out there who love this series and they wants the season two too!

You know, I really really want to write down all the stories here, but maybe next time, bcoz it's so inconvenient to typing with hun's computer, for real. Btw, I've decided to put down the "Pics of the day" on my main page. I can't bear with the slow connection, so I need to reduce pictures content on the main page and since I love to post pics on my every posts-mostly-so just enjoy it here, besides, I think I don't even remember to change it everyday :p . So, see you guys soon. :)

Okay, Okay, I know. You don't have to complains. I'll keep on posting KHJ pics on my every posts, start from now on. :p

Christmas is forever, not for just one day,
for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.
The good you do for others is good you do yourself... ---Norman Wesley Brooks, "Let Every Day Be Christmas," 1976

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