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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Seung Jo's Diary part I

Hello!! I decided to put the some of the stories today :D *Have to deal patiently with the turtle inet connection.. sigh* But of course, I have to upload it partially, cuz there's no chance I could upload all of them with my current connection. Speedy is so lame! Duh!! Btw, Credit goes to Reena29shadow, who kindly translated from Korean to English from Mischievous Kiss website-Playful Kiss-  :) FYI, this is not the real story, it's Seung Jo's Diary version. In the real story, Seung Jo (Kim Hyun Joong) wasn't that "kind" , he acted so cold towards Oh Ha Ni (Jung So Min) even he loves her, that's why I love this version very much, cuz it was like we knew what's inside Seung Jo's mind.

It'll be funnier if you watch the movie, you can search on YouTube. There are 3 versions, first is the original, second is the YouTube Version, and the third is Seung Jo's Diary version. :) Anyway, I put the video of Seung Jo's Diary as well, so have fun reading and watching :)


That's it.. from ep. 1 to 5.. I'll post the rest next time.. see ya!! :D

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