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Monday, February 21, 2011


Life's unpredictable. So does my mood and I. I might be busy and not at all at the moment. I might be neat and lazy at the same time. Those explained why there's lack of updates in here. You know, I'm so in a mood for writing, but I don't have anything to share. I mean, I don't feel to write down the same boring routines that I had here. Everyday is the same, wake up, bath, doing something on lappie, it could be anything, browsing, downloading, editing pictures, designing, cleaning up my Vesca, writing, then eat, drink, going out sometimes, to campus or somewhere else, back home, watch tv-rarely-playing wii, back spent time in front of lappie, worrying this and that but not starting to do something to reduce my worry, then last sleep. The cycle repeats. SIGH.

See.. that's it. Pretty boring, eh? I don't think I should share about these to you, that's why I don't update anything here, in fact I'm dying to blogging :'( Maybe I should thinking to start to write down the dreams that I had every night, if I could remember the details, just to keep this blog alive :)

Anyway, gotta go now. I've spent too much on internet, while I still have lots of things to do. I will be back, bringing some stories to share, but I'm sure not within these 3 days, because I will be super duper busy, preparing my final exam, on 23rd February 2011. I'm so nervous. Too nervous for me to even study and do anything except wasting my time for nothing.. hiks.. I should really change this bad habit! So, I'll see you guys soon, eh? :)

P.S. Wish me luck, will ya? I really need it. :)

Wisdom is the quality that keeps you from getting into situations where you need it. ---Doug Larson

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  • Anonymous

    2/21/11, 10:50 AM

    hello there ;) I love your template. where did u get it.? mind to share.?

    2/21/11, 12:22 PM

    I'll check it for you, I will let you know when I found it.. :)

    2/21/11, 12:41 PM there you go Nerissa, enjoy and happy customizing :)


    3/13/11, 11:08 AM

    hey sis ;) thanks yoooo lovely

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