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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BIG Day - 4th post

This BIG day that I'm talking about isn't really what you think. But yeah, it's absolutely a BIG and one of the most memorable day for me, for my family as well. Well, yeah, I'm talking about my graduation day. So many great days I spent in this April. Month full of surprise and miracle and all good and great things happened in this month. April is absolutely my month! :D So, let me share my happiness about my graduation day here. My parents came to Jakarta three days before my graduation day which is held on 2nd April 2011. We went here and there, talked about this and that. Oh! I miss that moment.

I know, I should grow up! and become more mature, considering my age now, but when it comes to mum and dad, I always feel like a child. I love being pampered by my closest people around me. Well, for me this isn't indicate that I am not mature enough, even a grown up or even old people love being pampered, I bet! I'm just love being love that way. That's my comfort zone and I ain't giving it up to anyone, not even my age! :D

Back to my graduation, it was a busy day. I can't sleep at all, the night before the day. As always, when I have to do something important in the following day, I always couldn't sleep well. Maybe I was and always way too excited about these things, that caused my brain couldn't rest at all. For what I can remembered, I slept for only 2 hours! Enough to gimme panda eyes on my BIG day! This is bad, but the make up artists did my make up pretty well. If you just look at that, it was too thick, but beautiful and simple. I don't know how to put this into words, but I like it, and so does everybody else. They said the make up was great and they really mean it. :)

So, I woke up at 5 am, took bath then went to the Salon right away. They did my hair at the same time did my make up. And you know what, my mum finally managed to persuade me to wear Kebaya on my graduation day. It's nice and beautiful Kebaya. And it fits on me perfectly. But whatever it is, it still Kebaya. And I don't like Kebaya at all. Couldn't walk freely and I felt like I am not who I am. Even everybody else said that I looked nice and beautiful in it, and yes it was, but that's just not my style and I just don't like it. Period.

You know what, the Kebaya wasn't mine, we borrowed it. When I did the fitting, two days before my grad day, I was wear the M size for the skirt. I could fit into S size tho, but I don't want to, because I couldn't walk freely, that's why I decided to take the M size. On  my grad day, I must lost so much weights, that my skirt wasn't fit anymore. Too loose. When I weighed my weight, I was loosing like 2.5 kgs (+/- 5 pounds) in two days! For what I can remembered, I eat normally. Maybe it was stress factor. Stressed to think that I have to wear Kebaya and I was keep on thinking this line on my mind,

OMG!! I'm going to wear Kebaya!! am so dead! How do I look? People will laugh at me! It's so ugly-ly-beautiful! /read:ugli-li-bee-a-u-ti-ful or just simply read it ugly or beautiful, you choose!/ I don't like it. Omg! Why do I have to wear it?Oh Gosh!! I don't like it. I don't want it. Arrrrrgggghhhhh......!!!

That was my thought. I don't know. Even I already looked at my reflection in mirror and camera, I do looked really really good, beautiful and nice in it, but I just can't turning this thoughts off my mind! Even until now, I still don't like Kebaya, like at all, but you can't say that I hate it, which is good because maybe some time in the future I might want to wear it again, but for now, that would be my first and last, wearing a Kebaya! SIGH.

Okay, then on the day, my mum had to tie my top tightly, so the skirt wont dropped off! And I can't breath easily because of that. Enough talking about the Kebaya. Let's focusing on the ceremony. I don't have to tell you how it's going. It was boring. How you could expect it would ended so fast when there are like 1000 people who will inaugurated. The ceremony started on 10 am if I am not mistaken, and ended around 2 pm. Me has been there since 8.30 in the morning, haven't eat any single food and drink anything! Can you imagine?

So that's all about my Graduation Day. Full of great memories. Some other thing also happened that day, but I notice that this post is way too long already so, I'll share the story on the next thread.

Okay, you might be thinking, this sure is a long and boring post, but not a single picture, eh? I've decided to not putting any single photos of my graduation day in here, there, facebook, twitter or anywhere else, I am so sorry, but no. That's not for public consumption, I mean it's okay if you want to see it, you can see it directly in my lappie or iPhone or printed out photos, I don't share my important picture(s) for strangers. For some reasons, and because I don't know who else read this blog, I can't share it :) I share the happiness, but not all of them too :)

Anyway,this is rare, but I'll try to stick to my decision, for once in a while, and I hope you guys appreciate my decision. When I change my mind, I might be want to upload it. And Oh! Don't worry! There are also couple pics of me wearing the Kebaya in iPhone and lappie. If you really really curious and wanna know how do I look like, go to my house and borrow my dad's cam. There are many pics of me wearing the Kebaya, which I don't have, because my dad didn't bring the camera's cable with him that day :( Can't save the pics, until I'm going home and transferred it to my lappie by myself.

See you soo, eh? :)

You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It's just a matter of paying attention to this miracle. ---Paulo Coelho

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