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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Confirmation Needed

The reason why I came back to my hometown is for my "Sacrament of Confirmation". You might wondering what is that, well, for a non-Catholic readers, here's a short explanation for you. Confirmation is usually received as a teenager, several years after making First Communion, the Catholic Church considers it the second of the three Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism being the first and Communion the third). That's it. Read the "teenager" word above? Actually, if you being born and raised in a good catholic family, you should received it when you still in first or second grade in your Junior High School. Well, yeah, it supposed to be received when you are entering your "teen" stage in your life, which means, I am way to late to received it. I am 24 now-25,if you use chinese-based-calendar, but well, let's count it with internationally-accepted-calendar, yeah, I know, I'm old, sigh-and it's kinda embarrassing to know, that you've already that old to receive this Sacrament. Well, take the positive side,  better than later, right, and well hello, I am not the only one though. Some of them are even older than me. That's relieving.

Anyway, please, hold your tongue, don't ask me how come this happened to me, because I'm not going to explain it why. Period.

So after joined the classes, 2 hours classes every week after churching, for a month, I guess lesson learned. So, the day I will received this Confirmation is tomorrow. You know, I easily get excited or bored or even not interesting on something. In this case, I am way too excited. I don't know why. As a reminder for me and information for you, there will be more than 300 people who will received this Confirmation, and mostly they are teen and kiddos, I can say. Nothing good about them. I simply don't have many friends in there and won't make any friendship with them of course. Well, I do have some new friends, the same age, above and below of course, but I mean, I still stand on my own feet-Oh my talked about feet makes me sensitive and irritates me a lot! You know why! Or I'll tell ya later on about this little feet!-like I don't have close friends in that community, I can't talk to them about anything but this Sacrament and the event. Anyway, nothing's good about seeing these kiddos. Then I don't get it why I still get excited to deal with tomorrow's event. Maybe that's how God works. Something that you and I cannot understand much. But I am glad that I really looked forward to this event. I feel like God's Grace is with me now. It's not like I don't feel it before, but these days it's getting stronger, you get it. It's not something that you can really explain with words, it's something for you to feel.

Okay, that's all. We'll see how's tomorrow. And oh yeah, my mum and dad and some of their friends will held a charity bazar tomorrow, they are selling foods, snacks and beverages. Hopefully everything will goes well. All sales and profits will be donated to the church. I really wish to help them selling stuffs, I love doing charity stuffs and take part in it, helping people, etc, but they held this charity bazar because of my event is also going to be held tomorrow, the idea is to get the fund for donation as much as possible, so unfortunately I couldn't help them, but I'll see what I can do to help them tomorrow.

God Bless You all. Sending lots of love and prayers :)

Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance. ---St. Francis of Assisi quotes (Founder of the Franciscan order, 1181-1226).

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