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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today is super busy day and one of the most important day in the year. Daddy's birthday!! Yay!! Mum and I already planned to held a small birthday party for him. So, we woke up very early to go to church, then after fetch my grandmum to dialysis clinic we'll buy some cake for him. Unfortunately, the plan is ruined because of something that I couldn't state in here, privacy, of course. So I went home and started to prepare some ingredients. As always, I responsible in dishes. :)

This afternoon I cooked 5 dishes in total for appetizer, main course and the dessert. My mum assisted me in making some dishes. First for the appetizer, we made Chicken Croquette. Made from mashed potato and finely chopped chicken breasts and Rissoles, but unfortunately, lack of time, so we couldn't finish the Rissoles. Then mum left me alone with our maid, because she has to fetch my grandmum, so I handled the main course all by myself. It was piece of cake actually, so I don't really mind. I cooked Aglio Olio Spaghetti, made with spaghetti of course, mushrooms, paprika, sausage and ham and smoked beef, garlic etc etc. The spices are way too many to mention. Then I cooked vegetables, you know, in our house vegetable is a must. Everyday has to be at least one vegetable dishes on our dine-table. We just love it :) I cooked vegetable stir-fried. I used carrots, broccoli and cauliflowers. Then cooked sesame honey fried chicken. Finally for the dessert I made soursop jelly. That’s all for our lunch. Unfortunately I couldn’t post any pics of them because my iPhone was charged, so yeah, now, it’s all gone into their stomach(s). Nothing’s left. LOL

Maybe I’ll post dad’s birthday cake, but not now, as we’re going to slice the cake tonight, but we’ll see :D

I am so tired now. Especially while I was cooking, I had to working too. Typing on my Vesca, then sent it right away because they say that I should send it back to them ASAP. And my mum is start to worrying my part time job. She was like,

“Are you going to do this every day? Oh come on! You should ask them, actually how many your “work” really is. As they say in the very first place you just need to do 4 works in a month, that’s why you accepted the job they’re offered and it’s been like you are working more than office hour”

I know why she said something like that. It’s because she care and love me that much-that's my mum :)  and I bet every mum will just be like her, or not, whatever it is she's the only and the best mum ever! -or else I couldn’t accompany her to anywhere like every day and when I start working, I simply can’t do anything else, moreover, she’s got me still working until midnight for quite few times. Huff... I don’t know... I guess I’ll ask for more opinions from dearie and some close friends about this.

I personally don’t mind at all, because, I don’t really have any “important” things to do at the moment-I did, but not every day-but yeah, I have to admit it, sometimes it bothers me much, because what is in the agreement in the first place wasn’t the same as reality and especially when I already made plans to pass the days and it will all be ruined. That sucks, but what to say... you need to be more responsible with your work, right? :)

Asking them so all thing will be clear is ever crossed my mind, but I always postponed it. I guess it’s not the right time-herewegoagain.LOL-I guess I’ll ask them by the time I get a steady job for me, so that I could arrange my time between my main job and my part time job. Well, I don’t know. But if my mum insisted me to ask them, then no other way, I’ll just ask them. I hope they won’t get me wrong, but I just want to make clear, my job is still like on our agreement or there will be another adjustment for that. Whatever it is I don’t really care much though. You know the reason why, right? I’ll just let it flowing. It’s not good to think too much on this problem-if you could call it, tho-I still have another important thing to consider. Just live the life as the way it is. Don’t sweat too much on stuffs like these... :)

Okay, that’s wrapped. Off to go now, will prepare our dinner, or maybe I’ll bake some macs again. See you again, and Happy birthday daddy!! Wish you all the best and great things in life we all love you and God Bless you always.


Life is too short to hold a grudge, also too long. ---Robert Brault

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