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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Photos du jour

I feel like sharing lots of images today! :)))


I want an iPad 2. I want the 4S. I wanna buy new book(s), the whole kinokuniya, if it's possible :p I want a DSLR-herewegoagain!-I want new boyfriend blazers. I want MacBook pro. I need more shoes. Oh, I simply want everything.


Okay, excuse my random babbling above. I am in a vague mood at the moment. Not sure what I really want, not sure what am I gonna do. I have 4 days for CNY's holidays and it's like heaven! I should use my time wisely, but I feel like doing nothing. I want to spend my weekend and my holiday by lazying all day and playing games. Browsing, downloading, watching videos on YouTube etc. Simply enjoying my free time and myself. I really want to avoiding malls at the moment/read: Forever 21, Grand Indonesia/But, I'm pretty sure I'll ended up stuck in there for the rest of the day, because right after posting this thread, I'm gonna take a shower then rush to GI. :p


Hopefully, I won't be spending half day in GI just to get in and out of the F21's fitting room, fitting another boyfriend blazer(s)! Or hanging around Starbucks. Finger crossed. I've had enough. Got three boyfriend blazers within these two weeks. Seriously, I need to do saving! All my salaries went on boyfriend blazers, books, eyeliners-oh, yeah, I am an eyeliner junkie, but I don't do make up! I was too lazy to put them on, but thankfully, now I can spare my time to at least put those eyeliners on-and the rest, Starbucks. Imagine, by the end of November until today, I guess, I've been to Starbucks like more than 60 times. Crazy. Now I know why I'm broke. LOL.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, stop what you are doing, go grab your A5 Apple device and prepare to receive the gift of liberation....

Anyway, are you a iDevices user? A regular visitor to Redmond Pie's site? You must be familiar with the sentence above and you must have heard the news. Apple A5 Device is officially Jailbreakable today, and they've released it, unfortunately, for Mac user only at the moment. I don't own any A5 devices but I am soooo excited and can't wait to get my hands dirty, by tweaking my work-mate's iPad 2 or, maybe, still maybe, within this week or next week, I can feel the 4S on my hand, launch the Siri and of course tweaking it :p Finger crossed.


Here's the link if you guys want to JB your A5 devices, mac user only! For windows user, let's wait for a little longer and we'll see you in a bit. Have fun and enjoy! :)

See ya!. Ciao.

Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. ---Hans Christian Andersen

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