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Monday, January 18, 2016

One Fine Monday

So, here I am. Just updating my blogging apps on the iPad. As usual, when there's something new, you'll get excited to keep using it, till you get bored then you'll leave them abandoned, without even knowing that actually you ever had it. Until one day you'll remembered everything and then you'll get excited all over again. The cycle repeats. Lol, that's me! Pardon my bad habit.

Anyway,I'm on my way home from work, the traffic is one hell of a ride. Typing these much, I'm only complaining my situation right now. Showing not much gratitude, eh? Well it's not like that.. I'm just, well, yes complain but doesn't mean I'm not thankful. To say it in proper language is like I'm sharing my current condition and situation to you guys. Better this way, right?

Okay, I made it to two paragraphs at least. I'm leaving you guys reading in peace now. Ciao.

If each day is a "gift" I'd like to know where I can return Mondays---unknown

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