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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Apple for the Winner 

So, I have read so many articles and reviews about the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, to keep me stay in excitement. Since I haven't got my hands on the phone itself till today, it quite makes me sad and well, kinda loss the hope and the excitement is decreasing. Not that I am not excited anymore to welcome my new phone well, it's just like I am sad and disappointed because I couldn't get it as soon as I expected. Blame the country I've been living that they're seems to not worth enough for Apple to send in the first batch of their new phones to let people in Indonesia to be able to enjoy new and good products at their first launching as other parts of the world were able to. Or should I blame our customs for this matter? Anyway, I already pre-ordered my phone in other country but it still unavailable, because it was sold out everywhere. So, what can I say? :(

Now I need to keep my head busy by reading more reviews about it. Because to me, the more I read and keep myself in the circle, the less possibility of me to lose the excitement and will value it more and more and of course to keep the flame on and burning me alive. LOL (Can't tell how crazy I was these couple weeks for waiting and waiting and living in such disappointment feelings—not exaggerating, it's the truth)

I am not gonna make any reviews here anymore, the fact that I have no devices to reviewed and tested for myself but of course they are so many reviews out there already, so no need to add another one. Plus, you can't used mine as a good review as I will of course not complaining anything even if there's any (but I think I'll found none)—except the product is broken, manufacturing defect or malfunctioning etc. Here I just want to say, well, stop complaining about the missing headphone jack, the battery life and other features that you expected to be available in your new phone, but in fact, they're not there.

Please show some gratitude and enjoy your new phone for it's kinda sad that most people who would gladly accept the phone as it is without any complains and think of it as a very amazing phone once they got it, but they're unable to get it as quick as you guys, for so many reasons.

Well, you should've known that there are reasons why Apple made this new iPhone like this. It could be a transition products for their upcoming iPhone(s) etc. You and your small brain has no idea about it, only then when couple years ahead they will revealed the reasons, you'll amazed in how good and far their plannings, preparations and their way of thinking to present you the most amazing iPhone ever. In fact you have to admitted that Apple is really good and smart, how they could pulled out everything and created a nice phone (you might wanna think that all of these are probably tested products for the upcoming iPhone(s), but they managed to sell it fast and lots of people buying it—sold out everywhere, dude!) and well, they still could make lots of profits for them and also satisfy—some—people's desire.

Stop complain about the missing headphone jack that you couldn't hear the music while charging. You know now, the reasons they did it not only for the company's profit but it is also for you guys who wants a better phone, better performance etc (too many demands and still, after they provided you what you wanted, you still complaining? Come on, show some gratitude, again!) Moreover, without the earphone jack, Apple managed to make a more beautiful phone to my eyes and some people also think so (balancing in speaker composition design), it also make the phone is better when compared to other phone(s) when tested underwater for its water resistant test. The fact that the IP rating that they got is slightly lower that its competitor but Apple won in this test (don't you see how good they really are? I haven't even talked about the A10 Fusion chip for its performace and the advanced taptic technology and the camera and so on and so on)

If you can afford the new iPhone 7, go get the airpods later in October. I know it's expensive but it doesn't mean the missing earphone jack thing is unsolvable. Get an airpods, cable-hassle free and I think it will be so much convenient if you use it. It's true for I heard people say that Apple is forcing people to burnt another holes in their pocket to buy new accessories (airpods etc) to support its new phone, but heyyy! The decision is all yours, right? Wanna save your money then don't get the new phone and the accessories. Stop complaining. Problem solved. You started the problems yourself tho.. Or well, maybe that is exactly what Apple wants you to do, an extra spending on accessories, so what? If you don't like it then simply don't buy the accessories or the new device(s), simple. But you couldn't, right? Because you know it's an amazing product after all and you know you wanted it and maybe you've heard this a lot, every single person who complaining about the phone will eventually keep buying it anyway in the end.

I, myself know that I also wanted that airpods, thinking to get myself one. To think that I used public transport everyday and it will be so much convenient to be able to hear music without the cable tangling here and there, but yess, too exxy, I dunno if I can afford another apple products without ended up eating dust and air, lol, but it still doesn't make me hated the phone and thinking it will be a problems to me. I am positive about the devices and I know I'll love every bits of it (For your information, I heard music all the time, and I am also a heavy user)

Also, why complaining about the Jet Black iPhone? It's more expensive if compared to other colors, well, yes of course, so many additional process in making the phone to be like that (duh!) The moment I saw the keynote, I know it's pretty and looks elegant and I was torn in between, because I know I want it, but it will caused so much troubles for me (fingerpirnts stuffs, and I'll hated it, as soon as I liked it. I can solved the problems tho by using cases to protect it but it'll be less pretty and shiny and what's the point in buying that in the first place, if you know you can't keep your phone clean all the time without cases?) Now that I know about it, I can only savor its beauty just by looking afar. The decision is made that the Just Black (matte black) is the one that suits me the most. It won my heart more than a gold iPhone or even the pink—rosegold ones. See, it's all about your own decision, no need to complains about it.

I'm not getting paid by Apple or whatsoever. I have always been an Apple fan since a long long time ago, even I am not using all apple products in my life (I wish I could tho) because yes, they're exxy and I can't afford all of them but I still fond of them and like love them. This article I wrote is meant to support Apple. For everything. I just feel like I need to make some contributions for Apple, this is one of kind.

If, just if you insisted, if there's one thing for me to complain, it will be the prices. But, back again to the products, it's a high end products with an ah-mazing performance so I think it's worth the price, or if you think it's not, there's always another option for cheaper phones with slightly the same performance—err not even close.. Lol.

"Even Samsung’s Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy Note 7 are among the most powerful Android phones that have ever been built. Incredibly, they still can’t touch last year’s iPhone 6s, let alone this year’s iPhone 7. In real-world use, comparing the Note 7 to Apple’s iPhone 7 was just embarrassing — Apple has done a remarkable job with its A10 Fusion chip, and with optimizing iOS for speed and performance"—this line was taken from

—You get the idea. But yes, for real, there's always another options for everyone of us, you just need to find which one suits you the most in terms of performance, prices, features, things you're looking from a phone etc.

No hard feelings anyway, I am writing here not to get haters or followers. No one is right and wrong here. If you feel the same way as I am, well, good for you. If you disagree, you're not wrong either. I just feel like saying out what I've been thinking recently about this iPhone thingy as an update for my abandoned blog.

So, are you getting your hands an iOS or you are more an android user?

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