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Saturday, October 23, 2010


What is going to happen, if from the moment you opened your eyes and wake up in the morning, you skip the morning prayer because you're in hurry? I'm telling you this, you obviously starting your day in a wrong way! This is just what happened to me this morning. I can't remember what time I went to bed last night, because I felt asleep, right after I charged my blackberry. But I'm sure it's early, maybe around 11p.m. Anyway, alarm rang at 5a.m sharp. My dear woke up first, then he tried to wake me up, but I was too lazy and sleepy to be awaken. I tried to opened my eyes and get used to see in the darkness, then grabbed one of my phones beside me, the only thing I could find on my bed except my pillows is my blackberry, still plugged in, and hot as hell. It's 5-Of course, it's five you sleepyhead! You've set the alarm, right?-  -.-"

"Oh my!" I said to myself. "This blackberry is damn hot! What the hell! Btw I'm too sleepy, let me sleep again for another 5 minutes." I remember I muttered something like that, then I slept again for another 15 minutes. SHOCKED. When I really woke up and found out that my blackberry was still hot, as I grabbed it once again, to see what time was it, for exact. I still have a short conversation about it, with my boy, or we could say nagging for more precise, before I decided to rise and shine for real then rushed to bath in hurry, get dressed, and ready to off.

Rain was the last least thing I expect to happened this morning. But, it rained. SIGH. I was complaining again, and suddenly I didn't feel like going to campus. After waiting for 10 minutes, we're off. Luckily no more rain, until we arrived safely to campus. And that was fast. Thanked God for that. While I was on my way, I'm thinking of this thread. I should write it down here as a reminder for myself and for all of you who read this. I was totally wrong, starting the day by forgetting my morning prayer. And I feel it's so bad, by not having this gratitude inside me. Instead of having positive mind sets and thoughts, I already ruined my day by complaining this and that.

...After waiting for 10 minutes, we're off. Luckily no more rain, until we arrived safely to campus. And that was fast. Thanked God for that.

That was my first gratitude to God, this morning, after I arrived safely with dry clothes on. No rain, no heavy traffic, no mud and dirty shoe. You know what, maybe it is okay-well, it is not, actually-if you forget to pray, or "don't" have "time" for that, for any excuses like, too busy, in a hurry, too tired, or worst, you don't believe in God and any religions etc etc. But at least, you need to have this so called gratitude. Be gratitude for what we've got so far, for all good things that God-or you may called Him whatever you wanna called, in accordance with your beliefs-has given to us, His protections to us and for our families, dearest, friends, His abundant blessings and love for us, etc. Even in our bad times, we should remember Him, cuz it's the only way we could pass through it. I know it's hard, we often won't remember God, and more likely, we're blaming Him for this kind of situation.

Well, I'm saying this, doesn't mean like I am a good person who pray a lot and always remember my God. I'm just the same human as you, sinners, and often blaming God during my bad times. I hope this short notes-ehm, I know it's quite long- ;p could always reminds us-especially me-to be grateful all the time so we could be a better man, someday... :)

Gratitude is the best attitude. Always remember that. :) 

Anywayyyyy, let's talk about something else. Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell ya something. You know what, After woke so early, and rushed to campus, I didn't have class today. My lecturer was not coming this morning. SIGH-Okay, I am not complaining, I'm just saying and share some stories here, okay!- :) But I am so happy and grateful, of course, not because I don't have class today, but because I came to see my thesis supervisor this morning, and yay!! My essay is approved. So happy. I only need to make some revisions for chapter one then I can continue to chapter two. I am so excited and ready to continue my essay again!
Btw, I've changed my blog header. What do you think of my new header? I know, if you didn't look carefully, it's almost the same as before, but, yeah, I decided to keep using my old "fragaria" I just modified the rest. Here's the pics, before and after, just in case you didn't notice any differences :)



What do you think then? :)
I'm so in love with my old "fragaria" alphabet, that's why I didn't change it. I only put some more shadows and played around with fonts. I don't have to tell you how much I love fonts, right? :p Umm, don't ask me what are the fonts in used, because I have nooo idea.

Oh, yeah, before I forgot, yesterday I watched "Life As We Know It". About the movie, I think it was standard, predictable, lots of fights and argues scenes but romantic, funny and boring in some parts. I personally not really into it. You know, seeing how hard this "couple" raised a child makes me think twice for having marriage's life and a baby. I don't know. But maybe they make things difficult for the purpose of the film, or the real life is like that, I have no clue. I'm kind of people who doesn't like "process". I know every things need "process" but I tend to like to have everything in instant. And well, so far, I always followed the "process" but not because I want it, but I had to. Some other times, I tend to play a little tricks or cheat during this "process" LOL. I know I'm a bad girl. LOL. but, I had great times, and maybe I'll keep on doing it. ;p

Sooo, what's the deal between marriage life and having a baby with the "process" that had been discussed? Well, there are so many relations between these. But I won't discuss it here. Enough talking for today, this is too much. :p Last but not least, maybe I'm just not ready yet. That's it. See you guys again later on. Need to get ready, going to having tea time this evening. See ya! :)

Grace isn't a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal.  It's a way to live.  ---~Attributed to Jacqueline Winspear.

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "thank you," that would suffice.  ---Meister Eckhart

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