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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Random Facts

So, someone asked me to write about my passions, couple weeks ago. Well, talked about passions, it's a bit hard for me to decide, which I really really like, because as you know, passion is not just something you "Like" but "Love". I like many things in my life, I bet you too. But you know me, in some case I'm suck in making decision. I have to thinking real hard to decide on something, while sometimes, I decide everything without even thinking. So, today, I wanna share to all of you about them :) Here's what I wrote to her.

Here are some random facts about me. First, music is my life. I mean, I love music so much. I can’t really live without it, not literally, but that’s it. My favorite music style is random, depends on the music/song itself. But if you insisted me to mention one or two, it would be classical and semi classic for music/instrumental and pop-ballad for song. You must be wondering why I love them. To be honest, I also don’t know the answer for that, but for what I know, I am so into music since I was kid. My dad used to turn the music and song on, almost every night, maybe that’s why until now, I am so into it. Because of me loving the music so much, when I was a kid, I always try to find the tunes and how to play my favorite music which was and still Richard Clayderman’s on my toy piano. Because of me loving the music so much and I always find a way how to play it on my toy piano, I finally got mine.

You know, I used to hear music before went to bed, but now, I guess I can sleep without it. Well, even I love music, I don’t really keep the track to the latest music. I hear in here and there and if I like it, I’ll download it, so if you peek on my iTunes library, you can’t really find a new songs and music in there. Well you can, but I don’t always updating my lists.

If there is music in my life, so does the movie. I can’t really tell you why I love movies. I just love watching movies. I watched any genres, except horror, in this case, ghost movies and similar junk movies, but my favorites are way too much! Okay, gimme a list and I will choose, three of them, or four, or five, oh well, to make it clear, I just love almost all kind of movies. Maybe I am just not into some of them as much as I’m into the other. Once again, it’s all depends on the movie itself.

After thinking for a while, I guess I know why I love watching movies, because it’s the only entertainment for me. Well, I am a woman, I love shopping just like a woman in general. I love hang out and travelling, etc but what I mean with entertainment is like people love spending their times to clubbing, which I don’t. I prefer watching movies. I guess you get what I was trying to explain, right?

And you know what, I’m not like most people that hate and avoiding spoiler. I loveeeeee it. I always curious and want to know the whole story like every single detail about the movie even the endings before I watch it. I know, there will be no more surprises if we already knew it, but for some movies, I like to watch it that way. Sometimes for some movies, watching them are not only enjoying the movie itself, sounds, story or else, but it’s like I already knew the story and I have my own story, movies, how’s the characters and everything about it in my head. So, I just want to see a proof, it’s more like I wanted to know if the things inside my head are the same as reality or not.

So, I’m not always enjoying what I’ve watched. I am more into analyzing the movie, story, characters etc yet in the end, sometimes I don’t really get it. Sometimes I satisfied with the result, because its close or exactly the same as my thoughts or it’s totally different! Sometimes I didn’t. Yeah, sometimes. Weird me.

Another random fact about me, I love writing, literally and not. But to be honest, I’m not really good on it. When I was on my senior high school, I wrote a lot. Like five stories or more, about fictions, mostly cheap love stories, I can say, well, yeah five stories or more, but every story didn’t have an ending. I can’t find the ending, or either too much thinking about which one is the best, finally ended up with stuck in a half-way without ending. Instead of finishing them, I always started to write the new one. SIGH. I guess everybody knows that I am so so so moody person and I could change drastically in no time. The way I wrote is also depends on my mood. It’s not like when I am in a good mood I can write a good lines, but yeah, it’s gonna be worse if I am not. If I’m writing not in a good mood, mostly I’ll ended up deleting all of my writings, no matter it’s “good” or so – so, and particularly if the writings is not good, which mostly would be not good at all. And you won’t believe this. My mood is changing fast so does my personality. I could be in a mood for writing and not at all in seconds. The same thing goes to my personality. I could think and acted like a young adult-thinking the same way as people at my age normally thinks and acts, and vice versa. That will affect the way and the results of my writings. I have no idea how to overcome my bad behavior. Talking about writings, I don’t have any particular style in writing, I can write about anything. Mostly, I always write what I feel to write.

Perhaps, I can say, I love writing, it’s because I can hardly talk to strangers or new people. Well, I am pretty talkative and I love to talk, chit chat and whatever it is, but not to strangers or people that I don’t know well. And I am not kind of a spontaneous person. Many people I know said that they can hardly believe that I am so talkative, because when the first time they met me, I was very quiet, eventually they would think that I was arrogant and avoiding talking to the other. So, if people ask me directly, I can’t really answer them. That’s why I prefer everything that written and I love to write. I can talk to any strangers by “talking” with words.

Well, if you finished read it, you must have some questions in mind. Why I didn't mention anything about design? I have reason for that. I love designing and it's like in my blood already, but I myself can't say that it is my passion, to be frank, it is something that should become my main major and profession now-pheww!! what a confidence!- :p Because of some reasons, you may know why, or you may not know why. If you still don't get it, I will give you some example, like if you are a successful business man/woman, can you say that business thingy that you run is your passion? No, you can't. Because being a business man/woman is a choice and it depends on your skill about how to run your business and it's about your courage to speculation and dare to take the risk that you're going to be success or your business failed.

Another example, you can't say that an author or great book writers are also had this so called writing as their passion. For some of them, well, maybe yes, but not at all. See, how many talented writers / authors out there? They are super talented and prodigy like they wrote so many books about anything and they never run out of ideas.

From those example, I hope you understand, besides, hey! once again, I write what I want and I share what I want and it's all about me, okay, my decision is the only thing that matter, not yours, so do not judge me, please. And to be honest, talking about what I like, love and passion, I am not finished yet. This might be changed one day and the list will getting longer, I believe. As we getting older, we'll see things different way with different point of view. All of these are not a definitive and fixed benchmarking. Everything will change, so do I...

We welcome passion, for the mind is briefly let off duty. ---Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

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