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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tea, Jam and Bread

I'm back. You know, I can't say that today is my bad day, since I didn't experience any "bad" things today. Everything just went good as usual. But, I why today I feel like, good thing doesn't came on the right time, but bad things are almost always came in a wrong time. That is simply why people would called it as a bad day.

What's wrong with today? As a matter of fact, nothing. No things are too "bad" for today-Thanked God, I still can have this gratitude in me- :)

Here's my story. I woke up this morning, a little too late than usual. I know my mum has woke me up before 6 am, but I couldn't get up from my bed, because I couldn't opened my eyes. :( More Precisely, my right eye. It stuck like there's a glue, glueing my eye. I simply couldn't wear my soft lens today. And it's discomfort wearing my old glasses. I rarely use it, because it's too heavy for my eyes and nose to hold it. Imagine, mine is -8.50 for the right eye and -9.00 for left eye. Imagine the thickness of the glass, although it has undergone a process of depletion, it still way too thick and heavy. A depletion process does make it thinner but not making it any lighter, note that.

Back to my glued-eye. I forced to opened my eyes and results of that compulsion are it's hard for me to see things clearly because my eyes are constantly watering, hard to breath because of running nose! SIGH! I don't know how many tissues already wasted today, not because of me having flu or something, but my nose is keep on running! Geez!!

Then, since yesterday, while I am home, I should cook for the whole family. For lunch and dinner. I know, we can just ask the servant to do that, but my dad said that I should learn how to cook, well, I can, but he said that it's better for me to get use to cook start from now on, for my goodness and for my future of course. Now with my eyes condition, can you imagine how hard it would be?

Oh yeah! It's damn hard to cook in my situation. Being in one of the most smoky places in the world with an irritated eyes, yeah, you should try it someday! Now, while I'm writing this, water keeps coming out from both my eyes and nose. Actually, it's so hard for me to face my laptop, but what to say. I have works to do and the deadline is tomorrow. Great. I guess I'll just reduce the brightness and hope everything will be okay. I can't stand it, seriously. *cries* :'(

I also can't stand watching TV so, it will be no more Master Chef Australia for today. Oh, btw, talk about Master Chef Australia 2010, my most favorite is Callum :) Followed by Matthew, Fiona, Skye, Claire, Adam, okay okay I have to stop. I'm out of topic! LOL!!

Anyway, what am I trying to say here is, I wasn't complaining, but I just want to say that whatever your condition is, if you sick, but still not that "weak" till you can't do anything else, just stop calling your day is a bad one, because God, never gives any bad days to you. Not even once. Everyday is a good and blessed day, remember that. It is all about how you're going to spend your day. It's all depends on you and how you'll see and overcome things that might come to you that day. If you failed, you'll just ruin your "good" day into "bad" one. It's all depends on us, how we see it with different point of view. When you have a problem, just think positively, and think that there are so many people that might be not as lucky as you and got bigger problems than yours. Appreciate what you've already had until this second and try your best to not complaining, and don't forget to have this gratitude in you.

Well, I still have much more to say, but I won't make this too long, save the words for next time. I still have a work to do, so, I am out~

Have a great and blessed day everyone! :)

P.S. Pardon me, if there's a typo(s), error, misspelling, etc. I can't face it too long to re-read and correcting the typos and hey! I am not a perfect person and English isn't my first language, mind my bad grammars or whatever it is!! *Cheers* :D

Every day is a good day to be alive, whether the sun's shining or not. ---Marty Robbins

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