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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Positive and Negative

Hello people and my abandoned blog. I'm so so so sorry for disappear for quite some time. I miss blogging so much, and there's so many things to share here, but time is the main problem. Could hardly find time to do it, since I'm working. It has been 2 weeks for me working as an accountant-sigh-Well, I'm sigh-ing not because I am not grateful with the job, but you know why. Even I don't really like being an accountant, I still grateful to had a real job, finally. It's tiring but well, I quite enjoyed it, maybe it's because I was stuck in boredom for quite some time, so it feels great to finally working, or well, it's maybe because I am newbie, so there's not much I can do at the moment, yet. I don't know how it will be after I work there for a month or so. With "not too many" things to do, already makes me so busy, so we'll see. But yeah, it feels good to be able to do something "useful" with my time and making some cash out of it.

There are positive things and negative things too, regarding to this working stuff. Let's talk about the positive first. I sleep earlier and wake earlier too. Good stuffs, eh? Wait until you hear the next thing, and think a-gain. I think I had insomnia, you already knew that, righ? I usually went to bed around 1, 2, 3 etc etc in the morning, but 10 or 11 since I'm working, then I woke earlier, like too early to be true. I always woke around 1.30 or 2 or 3 am and I'll stay awake till 5 then off to bath. This panda eye is getting darker day by day :( And you know, the worst thing is, so, we had new neighbor-the room next to mine is occupied now, and it has been occupied like 3 weeks or so-and let me tell you, this neighbor is no ordinary neighbor. It's super duper annoying neighbor, kind of a-neighbour-from-hell. Seriously. She couldn't stop singing all day long and turn her radio/music on to its max volume. How annoying!

Can you imagine, on a beautiful Saturday morning when you really really need to sleep more or let's say you need your quality sleep, no need to wake "too early"-actually I couldn't sleep a little later than before because I used to go to swimming in the morning with my house mates, so yeah, I do really need an extra one to two hours in my sleep time but she ruined those extra hours!-She used to wake around 4 or 5 am then she turned her music and started to singing like a professional-BATHROOM-singer! Then she could get in and out from her room over and over again and slammed the door shut as she pleased, like no one else stay in this little house and they're all still sleeping or half awake, just like me. Like it or not, I have to wake up! Man!!It's Saturday and I woke at 4 or 5 in the morning?!? Then I have to prepare at 6 and go swimming at 7 am!! You've got to be kidding me! At least I could still be sleeping till 6 am!! Why don't you just kill me right away! I have an alarm clock that no need to be adjusted but will ring and call you to wake up at 4 or 5 am, everyday, interesting? Let me know if you need one, I'll send it for free!

Come on, dude!! Where's your good manners? Geez!! You're not staying here ALONE. There are times when I feel like rushing out and bang on her door and shout at her to shut her f*ckin mouth. But I won't do that. I am not willing to put such a big effort to deal with people that has no brain at all. Simply because it's useless and I am not here to get enemies. Silently I pray, hopefully God will hear my prayer and send some extra brains for her to think! How nice, I am, right? :p

Okay, another positive things is, it feels like back to school again, which is good feeling to me. One of my favorite moments in life is high school moment, and now I feel like having it again, how cool is that, right? :) I woke early, said my morning prayer, went to bath, had some breakie then walked to bus station. What a healthy life. I feel so blessed to be able to do such routines. On the other hand, the negative side are, I don't like when it's about to go-home-time, they would tell me to stay a little later. I hate working overtime. I don't like it, even if they double pay you for that-which unfortunately, not in this company-It has nothing to do with the money or me being lazy. I just found out that nothing is good coming from a tired mind and body. To me working overtime is useless, moreover if you're not willing to do it at all. It's not productive at all.

I just don't get it why some companies always tell their employees to work overtime. That's why I prefer working at banking industries. The job descriptions are clear, you only do your job and no need to worry about other things. Dressed and work neatly, and most important, on-time working hours. Some of these people in the office, talking, eating, joking, chatting, do this and that-well, it's okay, as long as you keep your job's done. I have to admit, I did these too, sometimes, but mostly I did it when I have no more works to do, or when I got bored-while they're working then they took overtime because their job hasn't finished yet and for overtime payment sake and people would look at them that they're diligently working and very loyal to the company and to their job. SIGH. Why people are so fake? I prefer to skip my lunch time to get the job finished instead of working overtime. Sometimes I think some companies are too stupid to let their employees to work overtime. They have to spend extra cash for the work that actually could be done in office-hour but people are corrupting the time. I, myself, prefer to bring my work home and but of course I will still get the extra payment for that rather than spending hours at the office till it's late. Maybe it's simply because I am a woman and I haven't got any car, yet, but taking public transportation and it's uncomfortable for me and it simply not safe for a girl to come home late, especially here, in Jakarta. I think working overtime is okay as long as you've been working that hard but still there are so many things need to be done right away, and the office-hours are just not enough. That's what inside my head, this is personal opinion, so please, don't argue me.

LOL!! This what people mostly do, but not me, of course :)

Another positive and negative effect at the same time is all about well dressed for work. I love working outfits. Like seriously like it. If it's okay, I'd love to dressed like that for not only at work. :) The positive is, I love the outfits, it makes me even more enthusiasm in the morning to go to work. The negative side is, I need to renew my wardrobe as I do not have many work outfits, so, I went shopping and this is bad. LOL :p
Shopping, shopping and shopping will definitely burn a BIG hole on my pocket! SIGH Not good, not good.

Please remind me to do saving! Or seriously I'll get broke to the bones! :(

Well, save the other stories for next time. I'm leaving now. Ciao~

Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence. ~Eric Fromm

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