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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm here to keep my promises. Let me tell you this, on this post, you’re going to see bunch of pictures and of course fully report of how I spent my 2 months in beloved hometown.

Back to two months ago, a day before I went back, I wasn't that excited to going back. Seriously, like I don’t wanna leave this metropolitan city just yet. But as I’ve told you before, I have to go back for my sacrament confirmation, so yeah, like it or not, ready or not, I have to go back. You know, no matter how good and beautiful and nice other cities were, hometown is always be a place that you’d always missed and you’d definitely love to comeback, to enjoy togetherness with family and feel the warmth, enjoy your childhood memories and more...

That’s exactly what I felt. Once my plane landed and I stepped my first step to Polonia and breathed the fresh Medan’s air that night, because it rained that night and thankfully it stopped right an hour before I landed, I had this fabulous feeling inside me. Can’t tell you the exact feeling, but deep inside you, you feel like, well, this is home. It was a great feeling you know, to be back to see beloved people in your life, great best friends, I don’t know, I’m crying while I’m typing this. I miss my little hometown so badly. It only my second day here, but I feel so alone here, literally. Now that I’m already here, right here in my room, alone, I wish I’m in this condition in Medan. This feeling is just the same feeling that I used to felt 6 years ago, when the first time I went to Jakarta to study, left all things behind.

Sometimes, when I didn’t do anything while I’m still in Medan, I feel bored, for staying alone at home, doing nothing and simply can’t do anything, but it’s worse in here. At least, there, you with your family at your home, not just like in here, alone and you know no one. No company at all. I simply miss all of my 2 months routines in there. I’m currently imagining my home. Every corner, rooms with all furniture in it. Can I just bring home everything that’s good in here, in Jakarta and everything I love in here to Medan? If it’s not because of this and that, I’d love to be back, for good.

Anyway, enough for being such a cry-baby, here’s a recap of my 2 months activities in my hometown.

The very first time I hang out with my besties and some old friends was in LEKKER, located at Multatuli, Medan. All I can say, this place is superb, it’s a great place and food, of course with great companions. In the end, I just found out that this place is owned by my old classmate’s brother. How cool is that, right? No pics for this, because I've posted it before, if you really want to re-read it again, you can simply click here :)

Then couple days later, I went to DOME at SUN plaza with two besties to had a lunch and gossipin time and of course shopping time. It was a great time, I can say. We haven’t done this kind of activity like ages. So, yeah, we really enjoyed it.

I also went out with my old friend, Rosy. I mostly hang out with her, while I’m in Medan. You know, we never that close before, but these days I found out that we’re quite click to each other. We shared our thoughts about people, life and everything else. It’s always been a very nice talk with her. We went to Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Steak and Stuffs, Bakerzin and The Traders, not in a day of course. I really had great time with her.

Food at Bakerzin was delicious. Unfortunately, the fish & chips that I had at The Traders was a disappointment. Rosy's grilled salmon was fantastic and beautiful, tasted so good.

Well, I still have many pics of beautiful, delicious and tasty food pics, unfortunately, this post is way too long already and too many pictures in one post is not good, so we have to separate this post into two parts. I'll see when I have a mood to upload the rest of them, as for now, I have something else in mind to share to you :p Stay tuned, sugarpies :D

In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit. ---Albert Schweitzer

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